Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Even more NM...Chicken Salad with Mandarin Orange Souffle

This menu was an honest-to-goodness travesty when it came to deciding between delicious items to order. I mean really, how can you choose between two, three...make that four things that all sound like the best thing you could possibly ever taste? It was a good thing there were two of us so we could same the other one's choice de jour. 
Steph decided on this luscious chicken salad that was paired with NM's famous mandarin orange souffle. The chicken salad was topped with sliced almonds and man-oh-man, the ingredients were perfectly matched with the celery, chicken, light and flavorful mayo creating the base that was topped with the perfect crunch. The mandarin orange souffle was a Heavenly treat that was light and fluffy and full of rich flavor. You could tell the orange was definitely fresh and not some sort of "from concentrate" flavor. Sooo good.

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