Monday, July 5, 2010

Patriotic Parfaits

Happy Fourth of July! I have been so excited for the 4th this year so that I could try out all kinds of fun red, white and blue cakes, cupcakes, breakfast treats and such when my mom dropped the bomb. She is back on weight watchers and would refuse to eat any of my delicious concoctions. What! Seriously? Even for our amazing country's birthday? Shame shame. I love my mother dearly and therefore, I abided her wishes and held back from creating anything containing deliciousness such as butter, oil, sugar, love, bacon get the picture. After pondering what such delights I could whip up, I decided that fruit parfaits fit the bill and I could even add some love back into those.

This was an extremely easy dessert and we even got my if-it's-not-chocolate-for-dessert-I-don't-eat-it dad to try it! Berries are in season and are on sale, so stock up and impress your friends and family with this sweet treat!

Ingredients: (serves 4)
2 instant sugar-free white chocolate pudding mixes
2 cups blue berries
2 cups blackberries
4 cups raspberries
whipped topping (I used the reduced or low fat so my mom felt better about it)
mint to garnish

1. Whip up the pudding according to the directions and let chill
2. Simply layer the pudding and berries in fun clear glasses to showcase the colors and layers
3. I put my whipped topping in a bag and cut a bottom corner to pipe it on top

Happy Birthday America!

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