Thursday, January 20, 2011

Treats for the Weekend...Red Velvet Ruffle Cake and Homemade Granola!

Red Velvet - click for recipe!

Granola - click for recipe!


Should be a good weekend....


  1. Number one: I want that dress! Although it's not very granola - eh, still love it! :)

    And I'm going to go ahead and put myself up on a high horse and say that I am totally your inspiration for making homemade granola. You're welcome.

  2. #1: I know!!! It is so cute, even though you are a granola-head, you could totally get away with it...just come visit me in NE ;)

    And thank you,duh. You are my inspiration for the homemade granola, although I am planning on making a few additions, deets coming soon.