Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hot and Heated Shrimp

Oooo, this was a good one! Something super easy and simple I seriously threw together one night when I was craving something a little heated. Here's the scoop; I had quinoa to use up, I had some frozen shrimpies that were on sale during a summer extravaganza, some broccoli florets and fresh farmer's market tomatoes. 

A lot of recipes, especially cooking and not baking,  you see on my blog come completely from my little creative brain. I don't follow recipes if I'm just looking to make something from what I have in my kitchen. This concoction is one of those such creations. 

Frozen devained shrimp (thawed)
Frozen broccoli florets
Tomatoes; cut into bite-size pieces
Quinoa (1/2 quinoa for 1 cup water)
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
Thai Chili Garlic Sauce
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
LIme Juice

1. Prepare quinoa
2. Saute broccoli, tomato and shrimp in EVOO. Add Chili Garlic Sauce and red pepper. 
3. Let ingredients and flavors marinate until all are happily married :)
4. Scoop the goodies over the quinoa and top with a squirt of lime juice to tame the heat.


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