Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Edamame and Tomato Spring Pasta

Yum. This pasta is so yummy, light and flavorful it would be an absolute hit served hot or cold. After realizing my complete love for White Stilton cheese with lemon peel, I needed to find new and creative ways to utilize the gigantic block I purchased. tehehe :) Well, adding it to this light pasta was the perfect idea. I wanted a spring dish that would fill me up but also give me some kicks of flavor. I NEED to have flavor in my pasta otherwise it just tastes like chewy calories. Not so yummy.

I hope you can take a few ideas from this pasta and make it your own, or try mine exactly to recipe, I promise you won't regret it! Enjoy!


Spiral Pasta
Roma tomatoes; cubed
Dash of lemon juice
Basil pasta sprinkle mix
Salt and pepper
White Stilton with Lemon Peel
Swirl of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1. Bring water to a rolling boil and add pasta, cooking to al dente.
2. Drain pasta and return to saucepan. Add EVOO, edamame, tomatoes, lemon juice, basil sprinkle and salt and pepper. Mix and combine until flavors are all infused with lemon and EVOO.
3. Plate and grate White Stilton over the top.

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