Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not Your Average Tomato Soup

I never grew up eating tomato soup. I knew I didn't like tomato juice. Seriously, the smell of V8 or anything like that kind of made me a little nauseous. The weird twist is that I LOVE tomatoes, I could actually eat a tomato like an apple. Beware: if you eat too many this way, you will get sores in your mouth. So does not feel good. And pretty much prohibits you from enjoying the other scrumptious you choose to indulge in. After going to college and joining my sorority where we had a cook prepare our meals for us, I was introduced to the Friday weekly staple; Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. I was cautious, wary, guarded. Should I try this combination that was always a faux pas in my childhood home? Was this going against the food regulations I was brought up with? Of course, I couldn't resist.

So I admit, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup made in bulk for 100 girls was no gourmet treat. But, it did challenge me to test my own culinary skills in search of a magnificent tomato soup that even my mother, who still to this day refuses to eat tomato soup, would eat. I think I might have found it. With a hint of sweetness from the red bell pepper and carrots combined with a bite from the garlic, the flavors mingle and in a delightful and haunting manner. the Please enjoy my homemade tomato soup and try it with my grilled cheese sandwich!

Serves 6
Total time (including prep): 2 hours

5 fresh large tomatoes; chopped
5 carrots; chopped
1 white onion; sliced and diced
1 red bell pepper; chopped
2 garlic cloves; minced
1/2 cup white wine
1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
14 oz box of Chicken Stock (I used reduced sodium)
Dash cayenne pepper
Salt and pepper


1. In a large soup pot combine chopped tomatoes, carrots, onions, red bell pepper, garlic, white wine and EVOO on Medium heat. Cover with lid and stew for 20 minutes stirring occasionally, also adding cayenne pepper and salt and pepper halfway through.
2. Add chicken stock and continue to cook 20 minutes.
3. The final step is to blend the soup. For this you can use many different avenues. I used a blender, but you could also use a hand blender or a food mill.
4. Blend until slightly chunky then transfer back to soup pot.
5. Serve with cheese or even some fresh herbs. Enjoy!!

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