Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Pinterest....Eats

Do you love Tastespotting? Me too. Here's another hot site to look at. Pinterest. I just discovered it through one of my besties, L. And I am completely immersed and obsessed. Here's the deal. You create all of these boards on your personal page and then you "pin" different things on the corresponding board. So, if you have a Sweet Treats board, you would pin on your favorite cupcake recipe that you could on or a really pretty cake you found on your favorite cake maker's web site. Pretty cool, huh?

I just created my own Pinterest page yesterday and at every break I have at work I've been pinning my little heart out. I assume by the end of this holiday weekend, (Happy Memorial Day, everyone and thank you to our veterans!!) my pinboards will be overflowing. Oh, wait, it will never overflow!! You can pin as many things as you want! Convinced you need one yet? If not get this:

So my best, L, who introduced me to Pinterest does not blog, does not plan on blogging, but loves reading blogs. She uses Pinterest and can "repin" all of the cool things she finds on blogs, especially all of the yummy delights she knows she needs to whip up in her kitchen. And when she pins them on her board, the link to the blog and recipe is just a click away!

Alright you little blogging beauties, happy pinning!!

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