Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cranberry Spring Salad

My beautiful and fantastic sister in law has a special word for your favorite treat to get before the meal. You know, the starter, the thing that satiates your appetite before the meal. The Appeteaser. You have to know my sister in law to fully appreciate how she goes about picking out her teasers. She drops coy and brilliantly placed hints so that you think you are the one who picked out the teaser. She is a genius. Well, this particular teaser that I created may not exactly fit her guidelines, it's more of a side, but it was just my style and simply delish.

I was able to use my indulgence, White Stilton with Lemon Peel, and make my own simple vinaigrette that brought out all of the fresh spring flavors. I suggest this salad as a teaser for any meal, especially because it combines healthy ingredients but tastes rich and sinful.

Spring Salad mix (I used spring romaine)
Dried cranberries
White Stilton with Lemon Peel; crumbled
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Lime Juice

1. Mix salad, cranberries and crumbled cheese in a salad bowl
2. Combine EVOO and lime juice 2:1 and whisk together
3. Drizzle dressing over the salad and dig in!

*For a special addition that I will add next time, sprinkle some pecans or slivered almonds on top

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