Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Feta Salad

Living in Nebraska, we cherish our warm spring weather. A lot of people really just don't know about Nebraska weather, or Nebraska in general for that matter. Actually, I take that back - they know we play football and we grow corn. Ha! But I am quite alright with being known for those 2 things because I love football and I am very proud of our agricultural production in the state. We are leading the world in many agricultural-related fields, including water sustainability and soil and seed enhancement.

Back to weather - when it's not scorching hot 100 and humid in the summer or below freezing and snowy in the winter, Nebraska has gorgeous fall and spring weather. We have been so lucky this year with a mild winter and beautiful spring weather. Average temps right now usually range from 40's to 50's. We have had some days hit 80! And today was absolutely beautiful! Last night my parents were in town and they me and a friend out to dinner at our fave Mexican restaurant, yum, and then we went to the Husker baseball game. It was such a perfect evening, except for the baseball loss (but they won today!) we were in sandals and capris and there was a fireworks display after the game. Can't ask for much better of an evening on March 23rd!

So today, when I woke up to the bright warm sun and cool breeze, I knew it was going to be another day that was going to be spent pretty much outside :) I hurt my knee earlier this week (sliced it open on a slate staircase - ouch!) so I have been taking it easy. I went for a walk and worked my upper body out until the knee was pretty sore. I grabbed a Juice Stop for lunch and headed out to fun some errands. Windows down, music blaring, loving life!

I just knew that tonight was a night for a fresh spring salad. I picked up lots of fresh veggies at Trader Joe's and came home to get them all chopped up and ready to get in my belly! I topped my salad with a quinoa/salsa mix and Garlic Italian Caesar dressing by Kalo's. Everything Kalo's makes is natural and gluten free and it's made right here in Nebraska! Big, full and fresh salads are one of my favorite things - but I do find that I always need a little something extra to fill up. Tonight, that was a fried egg. Just enough protein to give me energy for a night out with the girls!

Chopped Romaine salad
Shredded carrots
Cherry tomatoes, halved
Cucumber, diced
Feta Cheese
Cooked Quinoa mixed with salsa
Kalo's Garlic Italian Caesar Dressing

1. Add salad to the bowl first, then add veggies of your choice
2. Top with quinoa/salsa mix and feta
3. Drizzle dressing on top

What are your favorite things to put in a salad?

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